Conscious Brand

Acaria Studio is a conscious fashion house dedicated to timeless elegance, structural beauty and boundless curiosity.

Our Purpose is to transform fashion into a conduit for elevated consciousness through better choices for the life of this planet. Our commitment lies in crafting sustainable, durable, and enduring fashion pieces designed to be cherished over time.


Material Selection

Every design embodies our dedication to natural fibers, ensuring both quality and sustainability. We prioritize using upcycled fabrics and accessories to minimize waste and harness
resources responsibly.

While using leather for its durability, we guarantee that no animals are harmed for our fashion
purposes. Furthermore, we offer a commitment to repair any leather goods
purchased from our store, ensuring longevity and reducing unnecessary replacements.

Respect Resources

We produce items only upon order, employing a resource-conscious approach that minimizes excess stock and waste.

Our Knitwear collections are manufactured responsibly, utilizing 97 percent reused water. We
maintain strict measures to safeguard water resources, demonstrating our
commitment to sustainability in every aspect of production.

Ethical Production

We uphold ethical manufacturing standards, collaborating solely with legally assured producers, valuing every individual involved in our supply chain.


At Acaria Studio, sustainability isn't just a promise; it's a philosophy woven into every stitch, reflecting our dedication to a better, more conscious future.

Azize & Elif